Subject Re: [firebird-support] server setup
Author Michael Ludwig
dwich_cz schrieb am 01.07.2010 um 18:20 (-0000):

> I'd like to ask you what's the best server setup for web-based
> application (Apache, PHP, Firebird). Currently the OS is FreeBSD 7.2,
> the database size is about 2.3GB now and growing about 200-400MB /
> month. Firebird 2.0 is running using inetd, classic server. There's
> Xeon @ 2.33GHz with 1GB RAM and one harddrive for OS and (as far as I
> know) one harddrive for data (database). Seagate 250GB, 7200rpm.
> Most of the request are served quickly as it's set of simple queries,
> populating data to template and that's it. There are also some
> scheduled jobs which take long time to do, from couple of seconds to
> almost a minute. These jobs execute tens to hundreds queries or
> statements.
> During peak hours the drive is spinning as fast as it can, `$ iostat
> -x -w 5` is showing almost 100% load and `$ top -m io` is showing from
> five to ten running Firebird processes.
> During the off-peak hours the drives are not busy, between 1-3% and
> about one to two Firebird processes.
> How would you set-up a new server? Hardware and software (Firebird).

Hard to say anything substantial from the information given. If you
think the read load on the database is too high, you might want to think
about a caching scheme (using memcache or a similar system). This is
rather application architecture than server setup. There are so many
options to choose from, it really depends very much on the details of
the situation at hand.

Michael Ludwig