Subject Re: Windows 7 installation
Author kkarinisme
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> kkarinisme wrote:
> > I am using an application that relies on Firebird. I have a Windows 7 computer. I have tried installing firebird as a server and as an application. The application cannot connect to Firebird.
> >
> > ? Should it be in the Prgram Files or the Program Files (x86) directory. I am using an ASUS 64 bit computer.
> >
> > When I use it as a server I can use the control panel solution and find it is open.
> >
> > When I use it as an application, I cannot find it has auto started. How would you start it. And is it always best to install it as a service.
> What is the application? That will at least indicate how it is using Firebird.
> Firebird IS essentially a service and should be installed as such. You will not
> see much sign of it except via other applications, and Flamerobin may be helpful
> to identify why you can not connect -
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I set up flamerobin and tried to create a database but it says I need a login to firebird. I wonder if that is the problem with the other application. How do you create such a login.

The other application is probably unknown to you since it has been created by a developer for a small group. It is AC Companion which creates a database and provides numerous functions for users of Asheron's call, an online game.

The owner of that program I doubt knows how to get Windows 7 going since even on its installation instructions for firebird, he says problems with windows 7 and firebird are unknown to him.

I figured if I could get Firebird working with my own database, it would be easier to trouble shoot problems with the application.

Thx for any help, Karin