Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows 7 installation
Author Lester Caine
kkarinisme wrote:
> I am using an application that relies on Firebird. I have a Windows 7 computer. I have tried installing firebird as a server and as an application. The application cannot connect to Firebird.
> ? Should it be in the Prgram Files or the Program Files (x86) directory. I am using an ASUS 64 bit computer.
> When I use it as a server I can use the control panel solution and find it is open.
> When I use it as an application, I cannot find it has auto started. How would you start it. And is it always best to install it as a service.

What is the application? That will at least indicate how it is using Firebird.
Firebird IS essentially a service and should be installed as such. You will not
see much sign of it except via other applications, and Flamerobin may be helpful
to identify why you can not connect -

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