Subject Long timeouts on connect / exec query
Author Christian Kaufmann
In my PHP scripts sometimes the ibase_connect command runs into a
timeout. I'm not sure, what exactly is the reason here. It may be the
number of users, because Apache sometimes gives a warning, that server
did run out of threads.

My FB server is running on Windows 2003 Server, 2.5rc2, 64bit. I started
the superclassic version.
The DNS cannot be the problem, because I use IP's to connect and not names.

1) How to see, what architecture is running? In the service details I
see that the fb_inet_server.exe is startet with -s and -m switch. Is it
correct, that the -m parameter is used to activate "superclassic"?
2) Since I have dual core processor, I set "CpuAffinityMask = 3". Does
this make sence or is this only usefull for Classic?
3) Should I use "Classic" instead of "Superclassic"? >>
4) My server has 4GB Ram right now. Does it make sence to give more Ram
4) Is there another parameter in firebird.conf, where I should change
the default value?

Any hint or reference to documentations on these problems is appreciated.

cu Christian