Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Fb_inet_server.exe consumes a lot of ram
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan
> I will have our developers to look at that. But the strange thing is
> that the same application is running on many other customers - without
> this problem. Why can it be that on only 1 customer the RAM behaviour
> differs that much. The other customers are alo using Firebird 2.1.3 and
> appaerently a client with no Charset.

is someone monitoring at this one client (ie.e querying the MON tables)?
There needs to be something to cause blob fields to be transliterated to
cause this bug to surface. It could easily be one client and not others.
Try to replace this one client with the snapshot and make the client
connection changes too. It's worth a try.

> This leads me to that I don't think it is the charset. Any comments on
> this?
> I can't fint a link to Firebird 2.1.4. Is it necessary to request that
> version directly?

Go to
Click on Snapshots
Click on top link
then 2.1 and then appropriate build

> Kenneth