Subject Fb_inet_server.exe consumes a lot of ram
Author hantrolden
Hi all Firebird friends

Have posted this one as well on DEVSHED.COM but so far no help received. Will try this forum

I have a weird problem. A Firebird 2.1.3 Firebird classic database at customer site where the fb_inet_server.exe process eats up all memory on server and then continues to use swap file until server crashes.

I have many customers with same application but i have only seen this at 1 customer site. Normally a process will take up between 25-40Mb of Ram each, but at this customer it is up to 130Mb each process. Its like it is not freeing up the memory

The configuration is the same - standard for the databaseserver installation. The OS is Windows 2003 Std. Edition SP2.

What am I looking for in order to find out why the processes consumes so much memory?

The server has 2xdual core processor. The CPU seems to be OK - around 20-40% of load.

It is a new created VMWare instans with 4Gb of Ram but the problem was exactly the same on a physical server before the change to VMWare.

Am I looking at Firebird Database Enigine, The database itself or the OS?

Can anyone in here help - what info more can I Provide to you.

Thanks in Advance