Subject Q's re. FB 64-bit (Firebird- MSWindows currently
Author tomsee7
Hi all,

I'd like to check some things in upgrading to the above please:

1. Is it imperative to backup and restore a FB32 DB to FB64 svr?

2. We currently use a single copy of FBClient.dll residing with the main application executable in a server folder. This is mainly for centralising maintenance and ease of updates. This has to be 32bit FBclient.dll otherwise the clients can no longer connect. Local connections to db would be using the installation 64bit FBclient.dll. Any problems here?

3. Perhaps this is no longer the case, but in the past there was some discussion about avoiding mixing local and tcp/ip connections to the db. Therefore we always make all connections explictly with ip address. Can anyone comment as to whether this is a myth and can now be ignored?

4. Lastly, are there any important config values to set or turn on/off that apply solely to FB64 (any/all architectures).