Subject Re: firebird last snapshot bug
Author tomsee7
I too completely agree with Michael.

It looks like we should relax more, lighten up and differentiate between posts that really come under the category of offensive.

Otherwise there is a danger that the group starts to feel quite oppressive and doesn't encourage free and open speech.

Just my opinion and I sympathize with anyone with the job of moderator as it can't be an easy one!


--- In, Michael Ludwig <milu71@...> wrote:
> Helen Borrie schrieb am 10.06.2010 um 22:06 (+1200):
> > At 09:43 PM 10/06/2010, svanderclock wrote:
> >
> > [offensive expletive deleted]
> >
> > This member is now read-only in this list.
> >
> > ^heLen^
> I also speak French, and I totally disagree with such a harsh and
> radical decision. St├ęphane's comment was harmless and just expressed
> frustration, nothing more. We're all humans, after all.
> --
> Michael Ludwig