Subject difficulties with rights (found using openschema in Ado)
Author Gerald
1) I create a firebird database with the sql-command:
"create database 'c:\testdb.fbd' user 'praxis' password 'somepw' ...
2) I access the database:
a) via ADO as 'praxis'. I create a table, a trigger, a sequence.
Trying to find out anything about my table with the "OpenSchema"-
function of ADO dosn't return any results. E.g., I can only get
Information on Columns of two tables using the adSchemaColumns-
Criterion of the OpenSchema-Function:
b) via ADO as 'sysdba'. Using "OpenSchema", I get every information
on all columns of the table created by 'praxis' as well as all
the remaining system tables.
But I can't create any table, trigger oder sequence, because I'm
not the owner of the database.
So I need two users to do any database construction work with dependencies (e.g.: look if a column 'somecol' exists and eventually add it) within this database??
Thanks in advance for Your answer, Gerald