Subject FB 2.5 RC3 test
Author svanderclock

This message is specially for Vlad regarding the firebird 2.5 RC3 in the snapshot.

For the history, we have in firebird < 2.5 RC3 a major bug that cause lot of index corruption, server freeze or crash (around 3 times a weeks). Thanks to vlad he found that one probleme was a bug in the monitoring table ! so we decide 3 week ago to disable the monitoring table. after that firebird work perfectly, no more crash, no more index corruption !

now we are testing firebird 2.5 RC3 WITH the monitoring table ON, it's already more than one week and the database seam to work good ! i will wait one more week before to say that the correction done by vlad is perfect or not ... but as far as i see now it's work very good !