Subject Re: import problem
Author mkcmg
Thank you Michael for your prompt email. I will send all the things you requested when I get back to work on Monday and have access to the workstation. To answer your question, I was hoping to import the entire file in one transaction. The file is large and I know that is why they brought me in for the project. They were unable to import the data into any usable format. I received the data in one large file and I was reluctant to break it up if I could avoid it. I guess I could cut it into multiple smaller files and import them separately into the table. Thanks again.


--- In, Michael Ludwig <milu71@...> wrote:
> mkcmg schrieb am 15.05.2010 um 17:56:23 (-0000):
> > I am trying to use RazorSQL's import wizard to import a fixed length
> > file of 112 fields and 390,000 records. The import gets about 30,000
> > records into it and dies with the error GDS Exception. 335544363. no
> > transaction for request Reason: no transaction for request.
> >
> > I also get this error in the log file: 4/2010 22:31:21:883 Stack
> > Trace: java.sql.SQLException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap
> > space
> > Am I running out of memory for this action?
> Yes, as indicated by the OutOfMemoryError.
> I'm not familiar with the RazorSQL tool. Are you trying to stuff all
> 390,000 records à 112 columns (= 43,680,000 fields) in one transaction?
> I think that would have the potential to be pretty demanding in terms of
> memory.
> Can't help any further. You should provide the details of your setup in
> order to get help here:
> * operating system
> * exact Firebird server version
> * architecture (Classic or SuperServer)
> * Java driver and version
> * JVM heap space
> * record size
> (Still, it might turn out to be Java-specific, in which case you'll
> probably be asked to take your question to the Firebird-Java mailing
> list.)
> --
> Michael Ludwig