Subject Re: [firebird-support] import problem
Author Michael Ludwig
mkcmg schrieb am 15.05.2010 um 17:56:23 (-0000):

> I am trying to use RazorSQL's import wizard to import a fixed length
> file of 112 fields and 390,000 records. The import gets about 30,000
> records into it and dies with the error GDS Exception. 335544363. no
> transaction for request Reason: no transaction for request.
> I also get this error in the log file: 4/2010 22:31:21:883 Stack
> Trace: java.sql.SQLException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap
> space

> Am I running out of memory for this action?

Yes, as indicated by the OutOfMemoryError.

I'm not familiar with the RazorSQL tool. Are you trying to stuff all
390,000 records à 112 columns (= 43,680,000 fields) in one transaction?
I think that would have the potential to be pretty demanding in terms of

Can't help any further. You should provide the details of your setup in
order to get help here:

* operating system
* exact Firebird server version
* architecture (Classic or SuperServer)
* Java driver and version
* JVM heap space
* record size

(Still, it might turn out to be Java-specific, in which case you'll
probably be asked to take your question to the Firebird-Java mailing

Michael Ludwig