Subject Re: embed 2.1.3 not working sometimes
Author zilez2003
Werner, thanks for reply. I will try fbclient.dll instead of gds32.dll. My english is not so good, nut also not so bad - again, I am not sure for few things (aready spent some time reading instructions):

1) Is it "must to" to have intl and udf - folders - I don't distribute them. Everything other I put in same folder - I this this is OK ???
2) Indeed I was using older versions of IC*.dll files - I replaced them in my new installation package.
3) Microsoft MS*.DLL files - I don't understand what is good way to install these. What I did is that I now put manifest file and 3 dlls (msvcp80.dll, msvcr80.dll and msvcm80.dll - by the way this 3rd doesn't exist in FB Embedded package - is it necesery or not?!?) in same folder as app and firebird files.

I am using Delphi 6 + BDE ( I know, I know, this is histry, but ...)

What is the worst - My app works well on about > 90% of PCS.



--- In, "Werner F. Bruhin" <werner.bruhin@...> wrote:
> On 09/05/2010 22:34, zilez2003 wrote:
> > Werner, I would appreciate some real help - i also can be sarcastic, but this isn't of help to anybody.
> >
> Fair enough, re-read this thread.
> I have been using FB embedded for some years for my shareware
> application and never had problems installing it based on the
> instructions given.
> - I would suggest not to use gds32.dll but use fbclient.dll, eliminates
> potential conflict with Interbase.
> - what dev environment are you using? I use Python with the kinterbasdb
> DB API for Firebird, it had a problem at some point that if another
> version of FB was installed in the system folders (I believe it was in
> windows/system32 but not sure) it found that version instead of the one
> I installed in my application folder.
> Currently I use FB and have in my app folder:
> fbclient.dll
> firebird.conf
> firebird.msg
> intl - folder
> udf - folder
> Won't use 2.1.3 as I plan to switch to 2.5 pretty soon.
> Hope this is more helpful
> Werner