Subject Firebird and Active Directory
Author Gustavo

I have an application (made with Delphi 5 with IBX) installed in many networks with the following technical data:

FireBird SS
Server: Windows 2003 Server
Clients: Windows XP SP3

When a user starts the application doing double click on the icon, the application makes several things (connects to a database and makes some querys) and within a few seconds (7 or 8) it shows a window so the user can type username and password.

Normally, the server with Windows 2003 is configured as a file server and everything works fine.

But in two of the networks, the server is configured using Active Directory and a domain (I am not an expert on this subject). In these cases, the application is much slower. When it starts, it lasts 40 seconds to show the window to type username and password and afterwards, in every other query it makes, it is slower.

What may be causing this?

Is there any configuration in Firebird or in Windows related with this?

Thanks in advance


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