Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Maybe you should take a look at FB Dataguard, from IBSurgeon. Maybe it
can help to detect what is going on. The product is still in RC, but
seems to be stable enough.

Firebird Performance in Detail - -

s> We are a very small company unfortunatly and we cannot spend so
s> much money in such unpredictable work result :( i would really like
s> to say you yes but unfortunatly it's will not be possible before
s> the next year at the minimum... if we are still alive thanks to firebird ;)

s> --- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...> wrote:
>> 28.04.2010 11:27, svanderclock wrote:
>> > i don't know what to say execpt : "Why me" :( i m a good guy why firebird not like me :(
>> Have you ever consider to pay somebody of developers travel expenses,
>> accommodation and so on to let them to investigate the problem at site?
>> --
>> SY, SD.

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