Subject Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author svanderclock
> Index corruptions is more hard to fix but i hope i'll found a reason soon. Note, i still not sure if indices was corrupted because of unexpected stop of engine process after "invalid lock id" error.

i don't know but just to know all the time i saw an index corruption it's most of the time after a crashing (or freezing) of the database... so can be one hint ! but in other hand, as the validate process is so much intensive i do it only when everything is crached (like this morning, 49 index corrupted and 50 error in the database) ... so i can not say if the crash of the database cause the index corruption or the oposite :(

also for the last 2 week i run my test application impossible to see an index corruption :( but before i send it i saw them a little often (2 or 3 days) ... i was lucky ? :(

thanks for all vlad !