Subject Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author svanderclock
> This part of your post really upset me
> you are telling that firebird should be own by a company and became
> close source ?

YES ! firebird gave you 30 millions dollars database code and it's not with few volonters and few thousands euros by years you will maintain it ! but again this is my opinion, like in politic, everyone can have different opinion ...

> I really don't think that it would solved anything
> By the way, you are complaining about the lake of ressources for
> Firebird, but did you considered one day to become a sponsors ?
> I don't see your company in the sponsors list, am I wrong ?
> sorry to be rude, but your post lead to this

you are not rude you are right ... but we are not yet a profitable company, not yet profitable to spend money we want to spend to support firebird ... :(