Subject Re: [firebird-support] is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author Philippe Makowski
2010/4/28 svanderclock <svanderclock@...>
> I m very sorry about this strong letter, but i m completely
> worried today about firebird... if noone say nothing, everything will look like ok ... but it's not ok !! i hope that the firebird managing team can find fastly a way out to stabilize their engine, but for now the 100% open source not seam to be the solution !

This part of your post really upset me
you are telling that firebird should be own by a company and became
close source ?
I really don't think that it would solved anything
By the way, you are complaining about the lake of ressources for
Firebird, but did you considered one day to become a sponsors ?
I don't see your company in the sponsors list, am I wrong ?

sorry to be rude, but your post lead to this