Subject Run more instances of firebird on Linux
Author Luiz Gustavo Sarubi Macchi (Gugui)
Hi all,

I´m using Mandriva 2010 64 Bits and

In /etc/init.d/firebird we have:

# To run more instances of firebird:
# Copy /usr/lib64/firebird somewhere
# Copy this script under a new name
# Change at least INSTANCE and FIREBIRD below
# Edit the copied firebird.conf to change at least RemoteServicePort
# Optionally run chkconfig to autostart the new service

copied from /usr/lib64/firebird to /usr/lib64/firebird_fat
copied from /etc/init.d/firebird to /etc/init.d/firebird3060
changed INSTANCE and FIREBIRD above
copied /etc/firebird/firebird.conf to /etc/firebird/firebird_fat.conf
and changed

so i try to connect in employee using Flamerobin on port 3060, but it
doesn´t work ! :-(

what is missing to do ?
any help will be appreciate