Subject Re: Firebird 2.1.4 questions
Author mivi71dk
--- In, "hvlad" <hvlad@...> wrote:
> > At some point in january (or close by) we changed some settings regarding GC.
> Which settings ?

According to this thread:

we changed from mixed to backgroud according to this:

If you have this server's GCPolicy set to the default 'mixed' this may well be
the source of your problem. Try setting it to 'background' (the traditional GC
method for SS) and see if that fixes it. Don't forget to shut down and restart
the server after changing it.

> > This was done because we had problems with our Firebird 2.1.3 freezing every other day.
> >
> > The problem actually went away. For 5-6 weeks. The problem is still there, but not so often anymore. But as before everything freezes, cpu is 0% and only around half of the installed 12 Gb RAM is in use.
> > No one can connect (not even SYSDBA in any way), those connected can not do anyting.
> Could you provide coredump of such freezed process(es) ?
> And copy of lock-table.

I have earlier provide some information, which our server administrator have given me.
Some in the above thread.
Some other here

> > Eventhough the problem has been less than before, its still there.
> > It can happen with few connections, a lot of connections, no special attivity or a lot of attivity.
> Are you use EVENTs ?

No. We have hardcoded our program not to at this particullar server/customer. What our program can do with events this customer does not use anyway...
But we do use it at other sites without problems.

> > As of now we would like to try a snapshot build of Firebird 2.1.4. Just to do something.
> > If we install Firebird 2.1.4, and find troubles of other kind, can we then just downgrade to Firebird 2.1.3? Or upgrade to another (newer) snapshot if some is available?
> Yes, of course.