Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Help Firebird Crashing every day
Author Carlos H. Cantu
z> I had problems with this in the past.
z> If i start reading data using IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted on a
z> time consuming query, and table gets heavily updated in meantime,
z> data reading gets stucked until updating is done.

Hummm... it should not happen if you use RecVersion parameter.

z> This is desirable behavior for issuing flight tickets, but for
z> showing sport results or showing reports it's a problem.
z> If i specify IsolationLevel.RepeatableRead there is no problem.
z> Check this out:
z> Truth to be said, it was quite while ago, and i'm not sure that
z> IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted internals have changed.

I always used readcommited + NO WAIT + RecVersion in my browsing/data
editing forms, and never had problems of server getting stuck. I use
snapshot for reports and some tasks where I need stable view of the
data. BTW, I use IBO (not the .net provider).

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z> --- In, "Carlos H. Cantu" <listas@...> wrote:
>> z> 3. If your database is updated a lot, and you use default .net
>> z> transaction (IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted) while reading data,
>> A ReadCommited transaction can see commited records by transactions
>> that were started after the ReadCommited one. It is not true that
>> writers block readers.
>> Carlos
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