Subject Help Firebird Crashing every day
Author nftnicolas

i have a windows server 2008 web 64 bit , with firebird 2.1.3

and all conections are made localy but we have a lot of them.

this problem is ocurring by months now but recently becomed critical because my boss is realy angry

so the problem is that the user is working ok ant them the server stop acepting conections on firebird so i locked on the log and says this

WIN-XXXXXXXXXX Wed Apr 21 14:26:32 2010
INET/inet_error: bind errno = 10048

WIN-XXXXXXXXXX Wed Apr 21 14:26:32 2010
Unable to complete network request to host "WIN-XXXXXXXXXX".
Error while listening for an incoming connection.
Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.

Someone can help ?