Subject Re: Help Firebird Crashing every day
Author zvjezdantomicevic
--- In, Daniel Albuschat <d.albuschat@...> wrote:
> 2010/4/23 Mark Rotteveel <Avalanche1979@...>:
> >> Hello the error is on server, i will try to google this, but i google some
> >> time ago that windows server limit number of ports open and i increased
> >> this number and didant work
> >>
> >> strange is that before this when we use the Windows Server 2003 Data
> >> Center Edition the problem happen too , so we try to change to windows server
> >> 2008 web but i realy thing that problem is on firebird right ?
> >
> > The error would seem to indicate that another process is already using the port, so Firebird cannot bind to it.
> Correct. But what I am wondering about is why Firebird stops to bind
> the port in the first place. This shouldn't happen.
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I guess you are running fb on default port 3050.
Is it possible that if firebird for some reason temporarily crashes, some other process snatches the port while guardian restarts firebird?