Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.1 hangs, log says "Database: ThreadData::start() failed"
Author Daniel Albuschat
Hi List,

2010/4/20 Daniel Albuschat <d.albuschat@...>:
> Hi Mark,
> 2010/4/20 Mark Rotteveel <Avalanche1979@...>:
>>> today our Firebird Server (version, super server on win32)
>>> did not allow new connections and was EXTREMELY slow. Ultimately, I
>>> had to restart the fbserver process.
>>> When I had a look at the logs, I saw this entry numerous times
>>> (about... 10.000 times in ~20 minutes):
>>> RIKER (Server)        Tue Apr 20 15:02:10 2010
>>>       Database: ThreadData::start() failed:
>>>       operating system directive _beginthreadex failed
>>>       unknown Win32 error 8
>>> Win32 error 8 supposedly means "Out of Memory" according to this list on
>>> MSDN:

Meanwhile, I have found the reason why the server ran OOM. Our
database client application had a bug that lead to
database-connections, transactions and statements to stay idle instead
of being cleaned up, which lead to a massive leak on the server-side,

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