Subject Re: [firebird-support] auto-search ?
Author Milan TomeŇ° - Position
Feature you're describing is called "incremental search". I don't think
that it can be coded in Firebird.
I've wrote a lot of applications with this feature and we're using
components from Developer express.


Dne 22.04.2010 2:02, Robbie napsal(a):
> Not sure if this is the correct term ... but let me explain that for
> which I am looking.
> I've seen programs which, as you type one character at a time ( let's
> say a Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN ) ) and for each character
> the end-user types, the application moves down to the 1st record in
> the VIN Data file which starts with that character. As the end-user
> types the 2nd character, it moves down to the 1st record which starts
> with those 2 characters, etc, till it either finds the VIN for which
> they're searching or when it the application has moved to one record
> below where the VIN would be sorted in Ascending order.
> I'm wondering if that can be coded in FireBird, either as a procedure
> or function or combination there-of.

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