Subject const field in result set
Author mrc_bianchini
hi all
im using Firebird (win32)

i have a view (call it View1) like that:

select field1, field2, 1 constField3
from ...

runs ok, 3rd field is always 1, but becouse of the data contained now in the database, it returns no rows: [NULL, NULL, NULL] on ibexpert

thats ok :)

i made and other wiew,

select a.[something], v.constField3
from TableWithRows t
left outer join View1 v on ...

since View1 is an empty recordset, i was supposing to get a null COLUMN for v.constField3, but its =1 for any row.

hope some one can understand my spaghetti english, im missing something or its a bug? and after all, is there a workaround to have the desidered null column value?