Subject Strange dataloss
Author gabor_faludi
Hi All,
We are having some unexplanable dataloss situation.
Appperently , I have installed about 7 servers with exact same config .
Debian 5.0 and firebird 1.5 .
All servers went to separate location but all are used with the same
codebased delphi application .
What happens is that at least 3-4 concurrent users are working in the
server , they use transactions , generators etc. Generally we are
running normal for months now, but twice it happened that one computer's
work is completly dissapears from the Database .We are certain that
commits were made , invoices were printed etc. but at one point of time
everything dissapears for one user. Rest of the work is there.
Any ideas ?
Could this be that the firebird process (there is one per user) crashes
and the data is not immediately written to files ?
Thanks and regards,Gabor

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