Subject Re: FB 2.1.4 (vlad) crached (frozen fb_inet_server.exe and index corrupted)
Author svanderclock
> Hi
> > it's not our compoment (UIB) that can cause the probleme or it's a bug in
> the fbclient.dll !
> How can you be sure?

because we use the compoment from several year without any probleme and the bug apear just after we decide to update our database structure by adding one intensive table with lot of index in it (and the corruption are always on this table) ...

> Though it could be a bug in firebird, I would rule out a lot of different
> things first.
> You already noted that you are using classic on windows 2008 R2. Can you
> give more information of your environment?
> - 32 or 64 bit server?

windows server are not anymore build in 32 bit now :)
only 64 bit :)

> - some special memory settings?

no, but we change it 3 weeks ago and the bug doesn't dispear ...

> And some details about your storage:
> - is there antirvirus software?

of course no, i m too much paranoid for that! a dedicated server with only firebird installed in it !

> - is there backup software?


> - is there any type of raid?

yes, the database is on raid 0

> - have you tested your hard drives for failures? read s.m.a.r.t. values?

it's an SAS 15k hard drive, i don't know where to read s.m.a.r.t ?

> Basically is firebird really the only process accessing that database file?

yes ! except of course the windows 2008 R2 file caching that we can not control...

> - What is your file extension?


> - Are there active volume shadow copies?


> - Is the database file on a local folder that is shared? (even if not used?)


> - Have you tried to disabled the administrative share of the drive
> containing the database?

the drive is not share at all, i even don't install the protocol for disque sharing on the server

many thanks for you help !!