Subject Re: FB 2.1.4 (vlad) crached (frozen fb_inet_server.exe and index corrupted)
Author svanderclock
> Hi
> > You claim that it cannot be a bug in your code, since you communicate via
> fbclient.dll. But wouldn't it be possible that your code passes some invalid
> data into fbclient calls, which in turn might cause the FB process to run
> havoc?

really i don't thing so :( if it's was in our code so why it's happen suddenly after we decide to change a little the structure of our database by adding one special table with around 25 index in it ?

> While I suspect other sources for the actual problems (see other post), I
> must say the following:
> Even if there was some invalid (and even selectedly malicious) data passed
> to fbclient calls, this should NEVER EVER result in any kind of corruption,
> not "even" index corruptions.
> It is the servers duty to validate input and drop invalid connections. The
> server must never trust the client.

I FULLY AGREE WITH YOU ! is it not the case actually ?

> > Or possibly there's some faulty hardware in your system?

was thinging of this too... we just 3 week ago change completly the memory by a new memory ... the bug doesn't dispear :( change the hard drive too... nothing change !

Or some other
> process running on your system that e.g. locks the databse file from time to
> time, disrupting FB:s updates? Just to mention a few possible alternatives
> to FB being buggy in this case.

hmm, the server is dedicated to Firebird, and as i m paranoid, i don't install any other software except firebird on the server ... so except if it's the windows system (windows 2008 R2) i don't know what can cause this !

thanks for all !