Subject Re: FBClient.dll 64/32 bit
Author stegt
Sorry for not coming back earlier - but thanks for the help.

I do have another query that has popped up since.

I have tried installing FB 2.1.3 64 bit on a Windows 2008 server, and have copied our existing UDF files into the UDF directory, but when the SQL script that creates the databases runs, it generates an error about function not existing.

I used to get this on a 32 bit installation of Firebird whenever I forgot to copy the UDF files into the directory.

Is there a problem using 32bit compiled UDF's in a 64 bit installation of Firebird? The UDF's work fine if I install the 32 bit Firebird on the 64 bit server, so it must be something to do with the 64 bit installation of Firebird not being able to talk to the 32 bit UDF?

Any help appreciated.

Again, sorry if its a dumbass question, but we are only just venturing into the realm of supporting 64bit servers :)