Subject FBClient.dll 64/32 bit
Author stegt

Sorry, but I think this may be a really newbie question, but I can't figure it out myself without installing Firebird on different servers and clients, and thought you guys might know the answer with me going to alot of trouble.

I am developing an application that will involve installing Firebird on either a 64bit or 32bit server, then clients that connect can also be either 32bit or 64bit.

My query is this, if Firebird is installed on a 64bit server, if the client is 32 bit, then which version of fbclient.dll is required on the pc, 32 bit or 64 bit?

Does the 32bit dll communicate with the 64 bit server?

Also vice versa, if Firebird is installed on a 32 bit server, and the client is 64 bit, which version of the fbclient.dll is required?

Thanks for your help.