Subject Repeated Index Corruption
Author Maya Opperman
Hi All,

Hope I'm doing this right ;-)

We have a few sites, which are getting repeated index corruption (being
an accounting application, noticed when the query which totals all the
transaction for the month, gets a non-zero balance)

Backing up and restoring resolves the problem.

I have now got a copy of one of the corrupted databases, and find that
if I total the records without using any index, the result is zero, but
as soon as I filter, I start getting incorrect values (because the
corrupted indices come into play). It is not the contents of the data,
because restoring, or dropping and recreating the index used, fixed the
problem (I hate to think what other nasty calculations might be being
done in error...)

If I validate the dodgy database, I get the following message:

Summary of validation errors

Number of index page errors : 477

IBE: Validation completed.

Sweeping, validating, fixing, either shows this error, or says
everything is fine, but does not seem to fix the problem till a backup/
restore is done.

Most users are on 1.5.4 superserver, but some are going over to 1.5.4
classic, and now FB2.1 but the index corruptions continue.

The larger sites are having to backup-restore once a week on a Sunday
when the shop is closed.

Two questions

1. is there a faster way to fix?

o if I recreate all indices, is that a good idea, since there may be
other instabilities in the file?

2. Any idea how can I stop this from happening again / see how this
happened in the first place?

(have gone though all the usual do not copy FDB, do not scan FDB with
anti-virus, all users connect with same connection string, use forced
writes, enough HDD space)

Have I missed anything obvious, or is there somewhere I can go look to
see what caused this index corruption?


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