Subject Re: Indexing boolean on FB 2.x
Author emb_blaster
--- In, Alec Swan <alecswan@...> wrote:
> According to this FAQ indexes on
> boolean columns are discouraged. However, the last sentence sounds
> like FB 2.x is smart enough to ignore those indexes.
> Should I just remove all indexes on boolean columns or is it OK to
> leave them in FB 2.x?
> Thanks.


When you create a index, it add's time cost to updates and inserts. So if you don't need the index, droping then will improve inserts and updates.

To know more about index in Boolean you can take a look on the REPLYies of this message:

also you can google using this below (without the quotes)

"site: index on Boolean"

Theres a post of Ann H. that explain it wonderfully ^_^ (i just can't find it now o_o'' )