Subject Re: [firebird-support] How/where to force a Firebird login?
Author André Knappstein, Controlling
I think I never saw you in the dBase NGs, and the structure of your
questions suggests that you have in fact not even been there under an
alternative alias?

Anyway, I must admit I had problems following what exactly you would
like to achieve. Setting the property
LoginString = "<username>/<password>"
of the DataBase object you are using for the connection will (re-) log
you in with a new set of credentials (after re-activating the DB

dBase 32-Bit applications do run fine with FB as backend, but to get
there, some things have to be considered in advance.
I would recommend you to use a newsreader to visit and
select the NG "SQL-Servers".

There are some people constantly reading who successfully managed to
migrate from DBFs to FB and for the major part also from dBase to a
this-century's language and IDE.

You can expect to find people there who can advise you on different
dBase/BDE/ODBC/Firebird topics.

Since I guess that less than 0.1 percent of readers of this (=firebird
support) list are using this combination of tools we would probably
only spam this list.

~~~Ihre Nachricht~~~

j> Need to force a login so can GRANT needed privleges to various users.
j> Current data path:
j> UserInterface(dBase)<-->BDE<-->FirebirdODBC<-->fbclient...FbServer<-->FBdatabase.
j> Have been working on 'front-end' and am now near to using FB for
j> 'live' data and thus need to start setting grants etc. from within
j> FB. After much experimenting only way I found to 'force' a login is
j> setting a user name in FB-ODBC setup with no password. That
j> triggers a login. BUT, get all kinds of error messages back such as
j> 'no such index' etc. If the user/password in FB-ODBC is left blank
j> everything passes back and forth (which is how I've been using it
j> and now want to restrict). However, if I manually enter
j> user/password in FB-ODBC everything acts exactly as expected (for
j> example: user TESTUSER password dummy with select permissions but
j> no insert, update, drop. Firebird sends back exact error message
j> expected when the dBase front end attempts the insert,etc.
j> So.... how can I force a login without firebird generating
j> incorrect errors (such as no index when I know there are - in fact
j> some of the code in the dBase front end, for example, queries
j> RDB$INDICES to retrieve available indices so user can reset row
j> viewing order - this works fine except when I force the login at
j> the FB-ODBC layer. Can't be manually changing logins in FB-ODBC
j> setup all the time. Without the permission setting ability from
j> within Firebird security is an issue. Certainly don't want to have
j> to use the dBase front end to control access to the front end -
j> sorta defeats part of the purpose of client/server. So where as I going wrong here?
j> Any help would be most appreciated - am getting close to using
j> live data, finally, if I can get this figured out.
j> John
j> PS is there an on login event where I can put a trigger (such as
j> on insert is used to trigger generator (autoincrement behavior) -
j> don't need that right now, but will when I eventually add subset
j> viewing control from within Firebird.
j> Thanks.

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