Subject Damaged databasae CRC
Author Robert martin

We have just been alerted by one of our clients that there FB 2.0.x
database is reporting CRC errors. We have accessed the machine and run
chkdsk, no errors reported (we expected bad sectors) but FB backups fail
and the file cannot be copied. Usually if a DB has an issue we take a
copy of the file and use gFix to attempt recovery, however in this case
we cant even copy the file.

The database is in a different time zone and we are waiting to get
access to attempt a gfix on the main db file. I don't expect this will
work. Does anybody have any suggestions? The client informs us that
there last backup is from December !!!

Our software offers automatic backups up to 4 times a day and / or
automated offsite backups to a remote web server. The client had chosen
not to do any of this !!!!!!!!!