Subject Re: Criticals erros in Firebird 2.1.3
Author Ann W. Harrison
> I have a critical error in firebird 2.1.5. We use IB/FB since 2002 with a
> good experiance.
> Our DB has a 60 GB, 350 tables, 150,000 new record by day and when migrate
> to new hardware (4 procs, 8G RAM, HD in storage) with SO Linux Red Hart.
> The problem is that the fbserver ends with the message: "/ opt / firebird /
> bin / fbserver: / opt / firebird / bin / fbserver terminated abnormally
> (-1)" resulting in 3 problems:

That was probably not the original error. Look in the Firebird log for
earlier problems. Your firebird server crashed, probably due to a bug.
Without more information from the log, no one can tell what caused the

> 1) End abnormal applications
> 2) on port 3050 CLOSE_WAIT
> 3) and locking of tables, requiring manual restart rservidor.
> I wonder if there are settings that can prevent such anomalies.

No, we don't have a setting that says "run the buggy server" or
"run the bug-free server".

I suggest you contact Carlos Cantu whom I've copied on this message
and send a more complete description of the problem including errors
from the log to the support list

Good luck,