Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB number of connections with Usernames.count
Author Tony Christiansen
Dimitry Sibiryakov wrote:
> 08.03.2010 19:37, tomsee7 wrote:
> > So that I am crystal-clear:
> >
> > Does this mean that when logging in a user can no longer determine
> how many other users are concurrently logged in (and their usernames)?
> Unless they all are logged in with the same name.
> > If so, then this causes a massive problem for software that is using
> this to determine licence usage and whether the user can proceed to log in!
> Anyway it was the least reliable way to do licensing because it never
> worked with Classic Server (not to mention clusters). Owners of such
> software must invent something else.

If I connect as SYSDBA then the usernames appear to be populated as
before. Can I rely on this?