Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: commit after insert is very slow (bis - new thread)
Author Slavomir Skopalik
this is confirmed on WinXP 64 and Windows server 2003 64.

We uses this also on Windows server 2008 64.

To check, open Windows task manager, select Performance page and see
Physical memory.

There is info about System cache.
All our 64 server have disabled swap and working well (planing and
monitoring system
in factories) in 24x7 mode.

To test it, try to run DB restore for DB that is larger than your RAM and
time to time,
try to do somethig, you will se.

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hmmm, that could be a VERY GOOD THING TO KNOW if we can definitively confirm
it (microsoft say to never disable the pagefile.sys so before to disable it
i want to be absolutely sure)

how to study the pagefile.sys (the memory file swap) activity to be
absolutely sure ? I have 32 GB of memory and 35GB for the pagefile.sys

thanks by advance

--- In firebird-support@ <>, "Slavomir Skopalik" <skopalik@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> on Windows, mainly on Win64 we have this experience:
> OS are trying to do best posible file caching and putting FB cache into
> file.
> This typically starting when DB size is over ~80% of RAM.
> Our final solution was simple, we was disable swap.
> This solution radicaly improove system reaction time.
> We don't receive any problem with memory (all machone has more then 8GB
> RAM).
> This mean, try to look how many RAM is used for file caching.

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