Subject Re: set page buffer on client connection not work
Author svanderclock
> The solution for this application may be to set the database cache size
> to 0 and let read attachments pick one cache size and inserts another.

exactly what i try to do do (256 page buffer for read, 2048 for the insert and 20480 for the huge bulk insert) ! i was just a little surprise that if the pagebuffer is set in the database we can no change it on the connection.

i understand why because in this way some client can shut down the memory of the server, but it's a false excuse because client can also launche xxx connections (they have the login password) to also, in the same way, shut down the memory of the server.

it's more logical to say the priority like this
* firebird.conf
* database settings
* connection settings

or a least add a params in the firebird.conf to define the priority