Subject Re: [firebird-support] fb_lock_print documentation
Author Ann W. Harrison
svanderclock wrote:

> where i can found the doc of the fb_lock_print ?

Helen's book has a long chapter on it. That appears to be
what's available. Here are the switches....

C:\harrison>\firebird\bin\fb_lock_print -?
Valid switches are: -o, -p, -l, -r, -a, -h, -s <n>, -c, -i <n> <n>

-a prints the contents of the lock table including the lock header,
lock blocks, owner blocks, and request blocks. A lock block represents a
resource that can be locked (database, transaction, relation, database
page, etc.) and identifies owners that have or have requested a lock on
the object A request block describes a request by a process for a lock
on a resource. A request block may represent either a granted lock or a
pending request for a lock.

-c indicates that the lock table should be copied rather than used live.
The copy is quick and produces a static snapshot of the lock table. It
will, however, stop all database access on the computer while it runs.

-f specifies that analysis should be done on a named file rather than
the live lock file.

-h prints only the history.

-i begins interactive mode, which is very interesting, but needs its own

-l prints only lock blocks

-o prints owner blocks

-p prints owner blocks – they used to be called process blocks.

-r prints request blocks

-s prints a series.

-w prints the waiting on graph, that is to say owner blocks with waiting
requests, who they are waiting for and who those owners are waiting for
and so on.

Ordinarily when you request a full lock table print, you supply an
output file like this:
"fb_lock_print -a > lock.txt"
because the results are quite long. In some versions, a lock print on
Linux is infinitely long, which makes it less useful than it might
otherwise be. If you find a lock print running for more than a minute or
two, or find that it is filling your disk, kill it.