Subject Re: [firebird-support] Converting Interbase 7.1 to Firebird
Author Ann W. Harrison
Leyne, Sean wrote:
>>> I've searched the net and can only find info about converting IB 6 to
>> Firebird.
>>> I have tried the backup/restore route, but that doesn't seem to work,
>> I guess there is something in IB7.1 that the restore function in FB
>> doesn't understand.
>>> Are there any tools that can perform the conversion?
>> Gbak, I think. Take the gbak from the Firebird kit - the earlier the
>> better 1.5 or even 1.0. Tell it to attach to the InterBase database
>> and create a backup. Then restore that backup on whatever version of
>> Firebird you want.
> I don't think so...
> Wasn't Boolean datatype added to IB with 7.0?

OK, I'd still use my method, but first I'd see if there were any
boolean fields and change them. Or maybe I'd try gbak and when it
complained about unknown datatypes, I'd find and change them.
Anything to avoid editing huge SQL scripts and finding & fighting
with data pump tools. But most people aren't so lazy.

> I think the best option is:
> - Extract IB database metadata to SQL script,
> - Manually edit script for adjust for SQL/datatype differences
> - Create target Firebird database using script
> - Use datapump tools to move data from IB to FB
> Perhaps there is a tool to facilitate this, which other can suggest.

Probably. Someone will probably mention Upscene (which my spell checker
insists should be obscene) or the tools page at