Subject RE: [firebird-support] Converting Interbase 7.1 to Firebird
Author Leyne, Sean

> > I've searched the net and can only find info about converting IB 6 to
> Firebird.
> >
> > I have tried the backup/restore route, but that doesn't seem to work,
> I guess there is something in IB7.1 that the restore function in FB
> doesn't understand.
> >
> > Are there any tools that can perform the conversion?
> Gbak, I think. Take the gbak from the Firebird kit - the earlier the
> better 1.5 or even 1.0. Tell it to attach to the InterBase database
> and create a backup. Then restore that backup on whatever version of
> Firebird you want.

I don't think so...

Wasn't Boolean datatype added to IB with 7.0?

I think the best option is:

- Extract IB database metadata to SQL script,
- Manually edit script for adjust for SQL/datatype differences
- Create target Firebird database using script
- Use datapump tools to move data from IB to FB

Perhaps there is a tool to facilitate this, which other can suggest.