Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Upgrading from FB 1.5 to 2.1 with SQL-Dialect 1
Author Milan Babuskov
bausufm wrote:
> No one?

I assume nobody bothered to answer is because it would take you about
the same time you spent waiting for an answer to test almost all of
these yourself. :)

> --- In, "bausufm" <bausufm@...> wrote:
>> Do we have any advantage upgrading to Firebird 2.1 using SQl-Dialect 1?

Depends on what you currently do.

>> Do we have better performance?

You might. It depends how you are using the database. There are
improvements to query optimizer, for example.

>> can we use any new Feature of 2.1?

Pick a feature you like and test it. Firebird installs in just a few

>> Can we use Monitoring tables in Dialect 1?

Firebird installs in just a few seconds.

>> Can we upgrade databases in a backup/restore cycle?


>> Is datatype timestamp available in Dialect 1?

Was it in Firebird 1.5? Once again, you can test it faster than I can
type this sentence.


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