Subject RE: [firebird-support] "Attempted update of read-only column"
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Considering the number of triggers and their dependencies, that is not a
>trivial task at all. It seems I will gave to do it if I ever want to
>upgrade to FB2.1, but I don't look forward to this process :-(

It sounds strange that your database is that huge. What I'd do, is to extract metadata into a script, e.g. using Database Workbench, then create a new database and see whether I got an error or not if I ran about half the script. If you didn't, then you'd know the problem must be in the latter half of the script and you can half that part again and see which quarter of the script you have an error. Of course, you still have to find the errors one by one, so it might be tedious if you e.g. have 100 erroneous triggers.

By the way, one thing that hasn't been mentioned and that I really don't know whether would report an error or not (because I've never tried it), is using NEW. in a BEFORE DELETE trigger.