Subject "Attempted update of read-only column"
Author PenWin

I am trying what would happen if I run my Firebird 1.5 application
against a Firebird 2.1 server. I managed to get both servers running (FB
1.5 on port 3050, FB 2.1 on port 3052), backed up the database using 1.5
GBAK, restored the database using 2.1 GBAK and started my application.
Now I am getting an "Attempted update of read-only column". Reading the
documentation, it is obvious that in some trigger there is probably a
write to OLD field. Unfortunately, I can't find the location of this
write, mainly because there are great many triggers and procedures that
get called. Is there some way of getting a more detailed error
information, such as the name of the trigger that actually caused it?