Subject cannot create generator
Author unordained
Suddenly, I can no longer create generators. I've got 645 currently (according
to select count(*) from rdb$generators), and I'm running FB 2.1.1, so according
to the FB Generator Guide (PDF) I should be able to have up to 32k generators.
The only errors I see from this trigger are 'duplicate value' errors, not this.
Ideas? I'm going to shutdown, keep a copy, to backup/restore, and see if that
fixes it -- keeping a copy in case anybody needs it for research into a
possible database-corruption bug. (I have forced-write on, I promise.)

Log from FlameRobin:

Preparing query: create generator x;
Prepare time: 0.031s
Plan not available.

Error: *** IBPP::SQLException ***
Context: Statement::Execute( create generator x; )
Message: isc_dsql_execute2 failed

SQL Message : -607
This operation is not defined for system tables.

Engine Code : 335544351
Engine Message :
unsuccessful metadata update
arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
At trigger 'RDB$TRIGGER_6'