Subject Re: Licens control - how do you do it?
Author mivi71dk
OnConnect and OnDisconnect DB triggers works well :)

This is the way we go.

Those DB triggers where intruduced in version 2.1 of Firebird, right?


--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...> wrote:
> 17.02.2010 9:26, mivi71dk wrote:
> > One of my colleques suggests that we just create a table in the DB set a entry to either active og inactive.
> > This way we can control it.
> > The flaw here is, that if the program terminates unexpectly the program will be seen as active.
> This flaw can be cured if you use database onconnect/ondetach
> triggers to work with this table instead of application code. I'm not
> sure though in which FB version these triggers appeared.
> On the other hand all this is in vain if your client, wanting to
> bypass your license, set up Firebird cluster.
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> SY, SD.