Subject Case When Then
Author André Knappstein, Controlling

unfortunately I don't have Helen's book here with me and
*googling*/*binging* the question has found the following plus other
sites, but could not answer my question:

In the process of planning a migration 1.5.x -> 2.1.3 I am reworking
some commands to clean some tables for which I did not have a chance
to validate them client sided and omitted to do so on server side.
I wanted to except a rare case where a division by zero could occur.

But the following does throw a server exception "Invalid expression in
the select list (not contained in either an aggregate function or the
GROUP BY clause). How would I put that syntax right?

WHEN (T.Units > 0) THEN sum(T.Diff/T.Units)
ELSE sum(T.Diff)
AggUnits T
T.Diff > 0.05
group by

Is that possible in 1.5.x or only in 2.1.x or does aggregating within
conditional clauses not work at all... I think I knew, but I don't
remember... :)

I also tried "GROUP BY T.ID" without success.

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