Subject how to install properly the client librairy ?
Author svanderclock

how to install properly the client librairy and some tools like gbak, gfix, etc .. ? this on windows 2008 R2 (64 bit) with both 32Bit and 64 bit applications that connect to firebird

i try to simply put manually the fbclient.dll, gbak and gfix in

c:\program files\Firebird\bin\fbclient.dll and in
c:\program files\Firebird\bin\gbak.exe
c:\program files\Firebird\bin\gfix.exe
c:\program files\Firebird\firebird.msg

and the x86 version of the fbclient in

c:\program files (x86)\Firebird\bin\fbclient.dll
c:\program files (x86)\Firebird\firebird.msg

it's work, but i have for exemple the firbird.log file in the directory: c:\program file\firebird.log ?
also it's can not found the firebird.msg (i receive the error can't format message 13:796 -- message file C:\Program Files\firebird.msg not found)

thanks by advance