Subject Re: how to tall gbak to ignore table during backup ?
Author svanderclock
thank for the link SY. but if i understand well it's a "custom" gbak utility ? right ?

i m alway a little affraid to use such tool that are not officialy supported or even maintain ...

this feature look very usefull, why is it not implemented in the gbak utility ?


--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...> wrote:
> 14.02.2010 19:07, svanderclock wrote:
> > the option to store theses table in other database is also not possible (i think, but confirm me if i m false) because these table are updated by trigger raise on one master table (as i say we simply denormalise the data)
> >
> > so is their an option or an idea of how to skip these table from our daily backup ?
> I know that this is not fair to put links to non-english resources
> here, but at first, this is exactly what you need, and at second
> is good enough.
> Alternatively you can set up partial replication to different
> database without redundant tables and back up this database.
> --
> SY, SD.